Everything you need for everything you own

With just a snap Zolve puts you in control of all the stuff that makes life easier, fun, and productive.

Access the world’s smartest curated collection of products and troubleshooting support and services.

Select product

Choose any product with a model number. Fridge, TV,  or even your Electric toothbrush, it’s all available in Zolve.

Snap a picture

That’s it.  Just make sure pic includes the product label.

Get it solved

Congrats! You didn’t waste hours searching online for what you needed.

Zolve helps you get the stuff you own to work the way it should.

Troubleshoot like a Pro

Streamline the process of troubleshooting, purchasing parts and scheduling repair appointments when needed.

Stay connected

Zolve connects you  to a personalized ecosystem of content, parts and people.

Master product support

Get the right solution  to operate, maintain and repair your stuff.

Be in the know

Alerts you on product recalls and maintenance reminders.

Kind words from happy Zolve users

Zolve users love getting the right support on their terms without wasting time or money.

It’s like the Shazam for products.
Stephen H.
Just what I needed, so easy.
Marissa W.
I could have spent an hour Googling what I got 
in seconds.
Matt K.

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