The Zolve APP is DISCONTINUED as of March 2023. 


About Us

About Zolve

Zolve, the latest addition to Centriq Technologies and its flagship product support platform. This new and free app instantly delivers relevant support information for more than 450,000 consumer products, with an emphasis on including appliances, electronics, power tools, outdoor equipment, and personal devices. Zolve is a customer support tool with a Shazam-like experience that enables users to take a photo of a product label and receive all of the information they need to operate, maintain and fix any product. The app offers manuals, quick-start guides, how-to videos, warranty and manufacturer contact information, and information on replacement parts, accessories, and consumables.

Our Why

There is no question that the technological advances of consumer products have greatly improved society’s quality of life; however, the more people depend on electronic products, the more disruptive it is when they stop working or don’t operate the way they were expected. That frustration quickly escalates when people must resort to online searches or wading through Youtube to find information on how to troubleshoot the problem. Zolve alleviates this problem by instantly delivering important support information for virtually every electronic product the moment a user needs it.

About Centriq Technologies

Centriq offers a breakthrough home product experience platform that serves as a single starting point for fixing, using and maintaining more than 400,000 electronic products. The company is reinventing product support for the digital age by creating a direct connection between consumers and their favorite manufacturers and retailers in a unique and easy-to-use app. For more information, please visit and for their consumer apps, or to learn more about their platform.

The Team

Headquartered in San Francisco, Centriq Technologies has a core executive team and an advisory board that includes leaders from Home Depot, Salesforce, Microsoft, Dropbox, and Accenture.

James Sheppard, CEO

James Sheppard is a two-time entrepreneur who has brought ideas to life in both the analog and digital worlds. At Centriq Technologies, James is in charge of driving the company vision and making sure there is a strong team to make that vision a reality. He has been credited with taking the concept of a “post-purchase platform” and bringing it to market in a way that benefits both users and companies.


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The Zolve APP is DISCONTINUED as of March 2023.